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Ice Dam Removal

Ice dam removal is one of the most popular services we’re called for when winter comes around. Each year, Boston homes and businesses experience varying degrees of snowfall, much of it resulting from lake-effect, which accumulates around the foundation and the roof of each and every building. As the temperature outside fluctuates, snow begins to melt and refreeze, causing a variety of issues from the common ice dam to foundation or roof leaks.

On the roof, water from melted snow trickles down toward the gutter. As the water reaches cold air, it refreezes, sometimes creating dangerous ice sickle formations or ice dams that block proper water extraction. The effects of ice can be devastating. Without anywhere to go, the water continues to freeze, creating ice buildup that can lead to serious damage to the building if it is not remediated in a timely fashion. Ice dams that have not been removed can cause the roof to leak, spilling water into the home or office and damaging ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture. If you notice a collection of ice and snow building up on the roof, contact our team immediately to get rid of it.

Next to a building’s foundation, standing ice can have a similar effect to what one would see on a bridge. The ice will freeze, melt, and refreeze again according to temperature changes in the air. If left unattended, this can lead to cracks in the foundation and water leakage into the basement, causing damage to the ceiling, walls, floors, and any other objects in the way.


Ice dam removal is key to preventing damage to your home or business. When you call Newton Fire & Flood, our team of experts will remove any snow and ice buildup and ensure that any potential areas of weakness are identified and repaired hastily. If any amount of property destruction has already occurred from an ice problem, contact our team to repair the damage and restore your property to its prior state.


Ice dam prevention is important to maintaining your roof and safeguarding your home or business from damage when winter rolls around. Ice dams occur due to temperature changes on the roof outside, so by keeping a consistent temperature, we can hinder ice formation. Below are some tips to help with this:

Use a Ridge Vent and Soffit Vents

The Ridge vent sits at the peak of the roof, while the soffit vents sit under the overhang. The combination allows the roof to keep a more consistent temperature because it evenly circulates cold air.

Close Openings from the Attic

We’re trying to prevent warm air from touching the snow on the roof, so the roof can remain at the same temperature. In order to do this, close any openings from the attic to the outside so no warm air from indoors escapes.

Insulate the Attic

Proper insulation ensures that heat stays in the building. The more insulation you have in place, the better off you are because it lessens the chance of heat escaping to the roof.